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Work with a trusted local coin dealer in Colorado for all of your coin and bullion needs including buying, selling, trades, or coin loans.

What we do

Colorado Coin Dealers is your one-stop coin shop and coin brokerage.  Whether buying, selling, trading, or needing a loan on your precious metals Colorado Coin Dealers has the expertise to assist with all precious metals transactions.  We are currently in the works to trade metals for Bitcoin or vice versa and should be fully up and running with Bitcoin by the fall of 2020.  Colorado Coin Dealers is constantly evaluating the metals market to determine the best investment opportunities.

Coin Loans

We offer low-interest loans on semi-numismatic precious metals as well as gold, silver, and platinum bullion to Colorado and surrounding areas.

Buy Coins

With our main shop located in Durango, Colorado, we sell all forms of precious metals including scrap, bullion, and semi-numismatic. 

Sell Coins

We purchase scrap, bullion, and semi-numismatic precious metals and offer great prices for all of the valuables you bring to the shop in Durango.

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We keep your valuables safe and secure. 24/7

Colorado Coin Dealers stores your metals in a secure vault under 24/7 surveillance and monitoring. Our employees are trained and well-armed and operate under the highest integrity so that you can be assured that your metals are well cared for.

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Why we are different

At Colorado Coin Dealers, we make sure that all deals and transactions are conducted with integrity, honesty, and fair values. We do not have “hidden fees” or surprise costs with our team. We feel that it is important to be 100% upfront and honest from the very beginning.

Need Fast Cash? Learn About our Coin Loan Program

We are currently offering low-interest cash loans for gold, silver, and platinum coins. Learn more about our coin loan program below.

A Look into our Colorado Coin Shop

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From Our Clients

See what others are saying about working and trading with Colorado Coin Dealer. 

“We found this pawn shop for my dad & we ended up spending half a day in the shop! Robert is the manager and he was extremely knowledgeable! Robert made us feel like family and my dad was so excited about all the awesome things he got! We will definitely visit again & my dad is continuing to be in contact with Robert since we got back home!”
Ashley T

“The employees were friendly, fast, and helpful. The store had some great products and the employees had great knowledge on the items in the store. The selection was great and I’m a happy customer.”
Galen Barlese

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