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At Colorado Coin Dealers, we buy gold, silver, and platinum bullion as well as semi-numismatic precious metals.

Coin Buying Program in Colorado

Colorado Coin Dealers buys precious metals in all forms.  The primary forms that we buy are scrap, bullion, and semi-numismatic.  The base price that we pay for scrap is 80% of spot.  We work up from depending on the fineness of your scrap or bullion and/or your type of bullion. 

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Coin Selling Example

Let’s look at a scenario from coin collector Jane. While Jane is at Colorado Coin Dealers she lets us know that she has approximately $50,000 in face value of junk silver.  She asks us since silver is high right now is it a good time to sell?  She doesn’t want cash but wants to know if she should buy more gold or turn it into silver bullion.  Colorado Coin Dealers counsels Jane that the best metals market opportunity right now is in platinum.  We give her various reasons why and Jane decides to turn her $50,000 of junk silver into $50,000 of platinum.  Colorado Coin Dealers charges Jane a standard 2% commission fee and within a couple of weeks Jane has her platinum drop shipped to her home in Denver.

Colorado Coin Shop
and Coin Brokerage

Colorado Coin Dealers is your one stop coin shop and coin brokerage.  Whether buying, selling, trading or needing a loan on your precious metals Colorado Coin Dealers has the expertise to assist with all precious metals transactions.  We are currently in the works to trade metals for Bitcoin or vice versa and should be fully up and running with Bitcoin by the fall of 2020.  Colorado Coin Dealers is constantly evaluating the metals market to determine the best investment opportunities.

A Look into our Colorado Coin Shop

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