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Low-Interest Cash Loans for Coins

There is over $1.4 billion worth of one dollar coins sitting in a Washington D.C warehouse that few people even know about. These coins were part of the special United States Mint series created in 2007 that were never put into circulation due to lack of interest, however, these aren’t the only coins that have never been distributed to the public. There are numerous other coins in existence that were minted for collectors that were never released. This is because the majority of Americans have become too attached to our paper money — using it much more frequently than metal coinage.

But why? We literally have coins stashed everywhere: in between seat cushions, in a change jar, behind your dresser, in the dryer, your pants pocket, and on the car floor. But did you know they could be more valuable than you think? A simple quarter could be worth much more than a measly 25 cents, but it depends on the numismatic or intrinsic value of the quarter.

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How Is A Coins Value Determined?

The Lydian kingdom began producing the world’s first coins around 600 B.C in what is now modern-day Turkey that was made from a gold alloy known as electrum that displayed a lion’s head. By this point, the concept of money had already been around for quite some time. Early Mesopotamians used a banking system where individuals could deposit livestock, grain, and other valuables for collateral or trade; the ancient Chinese used seashells as currency more than 5,000 years ago. 

Once the flashy new coins started sprouting up along the Mediterranean decades later, it provided social mobility for those who would not have had the opportunity otherwise. People could now work their way up the economic ladder and started to have more to show for their hard work aside from the clothes on their backs.

Today, the numismatic and intrinsic values for coins are determined by how much it’s worth to a collector or coin dealer; typically gravitating towards collections produced in certain years, or were created at a specific mint. Experts from all over the world that collect these rare coins pay premium prices to have ownership of them, especially if they happen to be in perfect condition; free from dings, nicks, and scratches — or an uncirculated coin.

How Can I Get A Cash Loan With Old Coins?

You can begin the loan process by bringing in your old coins or sending them via UPS, Federal Express, or registered mail. There is a form on our website you can fill out at your convenience — and we will be in touch within 48 hours. All Colorado Coin Dealer loans are processed quickly and confidentially; as soon as the collateral is received it is meticulously appraised by experts.

Any additional or background information you have about your collateral will help aid the appraisal process; simply enclose any documents with your coin or collection. There is zero charge for the storage, handling, and appraising of your collection, and there are never any hidden fees. In the case of acquiring a loan using coins as collateral, you maintain complete ownership while the loan is still active. Keep in mind that interest rates will vary depending on how much your collection is worth, or how much value it has in the market.

The price Colorado Coin Dealers will pay is determined by the collectability and overall value of the metal contained in the coin. A large percentage of U.S nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and silver dollars that were minted before 1970 contains real silver, and while we completely understand money doesn’t grow on trees, we think it can be grown from an old change jar.

If you’re needing a short-term loan, but aren’t wanting to sell your coins, you can also get a low-interest pawn loan. Sometimes traditional methods to get financing can be incredibly invasive, slow, and burdensome.

Since our loans don’t impact your credit score and we don’t require a minimum, contact us today and turn your old coins into a silver or gold-backed loan!

Why Should You Use Old Coins To Get A Loan?

A better question would be: Why sell your precious collection when you can use it as leverage to help you achieve your financial goals? If you’re thinking about using your coin or precious metal collection to acquire a hard asset loan — please don’t hesitate to contact us at (970) 247-9712, or at We offer a safe and convenient way to use old and rare coins and precious metals for gold and silver-backed loans in 5 easy steps.

  1. Contact Colorado Coin Dealers to determine your specific needs and what metal or coins you wish to use for collateral.
  2. Colorado Coin Dealer specialists will educate and set you up in the KP Pawn mobile app where you’ll be able to take pictures of your collection and send them online.
  3. After both parties agree on a loan amount, you have one of two choices: physically bring your coins in, or ship them via registered mail to Colorado Coin Dealers.
  4. Once Colorado Coin Dealers receive the items to be used as collateral, a 4k security camera is used to open the package; we require the signature from multiple graders for each appraisal we do so you know your items are priced fairly and kept secure.
  5. A 30-day loan agreement is written, requiring payment every 30 days. A cash loan can be given to patrons that bring in their collection, otherwise Paypal, cashiers check, or wire transfer will be delivered at your convenience.

If you want to get a cash loan or sell coins for a fair price, follow this link and fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and we will be in contact within 48 hours!

There are two main organizations that grade coins: The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation NGC, and Professional Coin Grading Services PCGS. The recent spike for silver and gold within the commodities market has made certain coins double in value. An American quarter that was minted between 1932 and 1964 will now be worth over $2.50 for just the silver content alone; if it was also a rarely minted coin— it would be worth much more than that. And don’t forget about foreign coins; the same can be true with coins minted from countries like China, Canada, and Australia. The metal contained in them could make them worth more than face value, so it never hurts to check!

Another type of coin that would be worth more than its face value would be a commemorative coin. These may or may not have numismatic value (can’t be used in a store), but they’re typically worth more than their weight in gold or silver because of their intrinsic value. Usually, commemorative coins are made by official governments or recognized banks that don official markings that assure you they have value based on its precious metal content. So, before you disregard all your loose change — it may pay off to take the time to find out if that nickel is worth more than a measly five cents.



The Colorado Coin Dealer family provides hard assets, low-interest coin, and precious metal loans that are collateralized and we provide a customized appraisal process that gives you the best loan to value (LTV) and interest rate possible. We guarantee that no one will appreciate and respect your precious metal or rare coin collection the way we do. There are zero risks concerning the safety of your items and credit rating; making us the fastest, safest, and most confidential coin dealer in the state. Our loans on silver, gold, and rare coins are discreet and straightforward and don’t require a credit check. Once you understand the buy/sell range regarding paper money and rare coins, it makes a ton of financial sense to leverage and retain their value instead of sleeping on it or selling it. Once you sell them, they’re gone and you can’t continue to use their intrinsic value for currency; which isn’t the savviest financial decision. Valuable and rare things are hard to replace — which is why they’re rare in the first place. Before you decide to sell these little money makers and find yourself in a financial pinch, consider getting a loan for them first!


Email, call us (970) 247-9712, or follow the link and fill out the form at the bottom of the page to get a loan quote and free appraisal today!


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