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We sell gold, silver, and platinum bullion as well as semi-numismatic precious metals.

Coin Buying Program in Colorado

We buy all types of rare and valuable coins and metals and work with all individuals in Colorado and Northern New Mexico. 

We are located inside KP Pawn & Sales in Durango, Colorado. Colorado Coin Dealer works specifically with KP Pawn to provide a large stock of valuable coins and metals.

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Coin Buying Process

At Colorado Coin Dealers, we work with all sorts of people from around the state and can sell coins locally or online if there is a specific coin you are after. Fill in your contact details below and one of our experienced coin professionals will be in touch for your coin buying needs.

Need Fast Cash? Learn About our Coin Loan Program

We are currently offering low-interest cash loans for gold, silver, and platinum coins. Learn more about our coin loan program below.

A Look into our Colorado Coin Shop

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